We are passionate about building beautiful homes for people to enjoy

With over 30 years experience across the team and over 120 homes built, it's safe to say that we are passionate about building beautiful house for people to call home.


How we started

Straight out of high school with a passion for building things, Ben found himself with a job as labourer. Putting in the hard yards and learning the ropes before going on to completing his apprenticeship.

Armed with his building knowledge, he took an interest in the business of building, from project management, client relationships to accounting, there was so much to discover. After learning this side of things he went on to start his first building company.

Since then Ben has found passion in building more unique and high specification homes that prove more challenging. From that passion, Inhouse Construction was started.


Why we keep building homes

In our minds, there is nothing better than knowing you've helped someone dream home become a reality for them.

Knowing that the hard work our team has put in is giving our clients a place to relax after a long day, a place to bring up their children, a place to have family over or even an investment for them to help build their wealth.

This is the reason we keep showing up, we keep learning and keep producing the highest quality of work we can.

Years of experience
Homes Built
Qualified Builders
Satisfied clients

These are the lads that will be building your home.


We work in alignment with our values


We aim to achieve excellence in all areas of construction. We are continually looking to improve to insure that we stay at this level and give the best service possible.


We welcome complex, unique and challenging projects in order to ensure we continue to develop as builders and keep achieving a high quality of work.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Each and every job we seek to do our very best in order to produce a great home for our clients.


We seek out the latest products in the construction industry to make sure we stay up to date with innovation and are proficient with new products.

Team work

We work closely within our team to make sure the project runs as smooth as possible and nothing is misses. We also keep constant communication with all sub contractors.


We keep open communication throughout the entire project. Making sure our clients are always updated and understand what's going on.


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